< Things to Do in Kelantan, Malaysia

Jahar Palace (Istana Jahar) - The castle worth a visit

Istana Jahar is where the Museum of Royal Traditions and Ceremonies. This unique palace was completed in 1887. The name 'Jahar' was taken from the tree that stands tall at the entrance of the palace. There are many interesting items on display here for visitors to view.

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Siti Khadijah Market - Buy everything you want

To taste the local flavors of Kelantan, you will need to get yourself to the Central Market. Here you will be able to find all the local delicacies like the nasi dagang, laksa, nasi lemak, nasi kerabu and all sorts of Kuih (Pastry) here.

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Pintu Gerbang Kota Sultan Ismail Petra - A landmark of importance

Right outside of Istana Jahar is the Pintu Gerbang Kota Sultan Ismail Petra. This arch was built to commemorate the declaration of Kota Bahru as a cultural city. This vision to preserve the Malay culture was spearheaded by Sultan Ismail Petra, hence the name.

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