About Kelantan

Geography - Climate and Weather

Since Malaysia is located close to the equator, Kelantan experiences hot and humid weather all year round with rainfalls totaling about 2500 mm a year. The average temperature of Kelantan is 27C. Heavy rains are expected during the monsoon season period. The monsoon season for the east coast begins in November and ends in February. Rains will get lesser during the months from April through March and again during October and November.


Shopping Guide

The place to do your shopping in Kelantan would be at the Pasar Siti Khadijah which is located in Kota Bahru. Here, various goods are sold. Right beside the Pasar Siti Khadijah is the Kota Bahru Trade Center which is known to be the largest shopping mall in Kota Bahru. The Pasar Siti Khadijah and the Kota Bahru Trade Center are connected to each other via an overpass located at the second floor. Other places to shop include the KB Mall (Pacific), Pelangi Mall, Billion Shopping Center, Pantai Timur, The Store, Kota Seri Mutiara and many more. Other hypermarkets have also set foot in Kelantan. The hypermarkets include the Tesco hypermarket, Mydin mall and the Giant hypermarket.

Dining / Restaurant

There are many local specialties in Kelantan. One of the most popular delicacies in Kelantan is its Nasi Dagang. The Nasi Dagang is a mix of white rice and brown glutinous rice that is cooked with coconut milk, garlic, spices and onions. The rice is usually eaten with chicken or fish curry and a mild brown sugared chili paste. Another specialty would be the Nasi Kerabu. There are many types of Nasi Kerabu bit they are usually served with a matching traditional chili paste along with some edible greens. It is also served with fried breaded fish, salted egg and a special sauce called the budu. Another famous rice dish is the Nasi Tumpang. This is rice packed in a cone-shaped banana leaf. It usually consists of an omelette, meat floss, chicken or shrimp curry and sweet gravy. Famous restaurants in Kelantan include the Food Village Restaurant, Yati Ayam Percik as well as Satay Malaysia.


There are many places of interest in Kelantan. One of them is the Istana Jahar (Jahar Palace). The palace used to be the royal residence in Kota Bahru. It was built back in 1855 by the Sultan Muhammad II of Kelantan for Long Kundur, his grandson. Today, the palace is the house of the Museums of Royal Traditions and Customs of Kelantan. Another place to visit would be the Pintu Gerbang Kota Sultan Ismail Petra. This arch was built to commemorate the declaration of Kota Bahru as a cultural city. This was to preserve the Malay culture. The move was spearheaded by Sultan Ismail Petra which the arch was named after. The Central Market is also worth a visit. It is also known as the Pasar Siti Khadijah which is mentioned earlier. This is a great place to shop.


Kelantan offers many hotels to choose from. In the recent years, tourism in Kelantan has improved greatly due to the promotion of the great locations and places of interest in Kelantan. Among the hotels in Kelantan include Crystal Lodge Kota Bahru, Grand Riverview Kota Bahru, Suria Hotel, Ridel Hotel and many more.


The public transport in the east coast is not as well connected like in the west. The means of public transport that you can opt for is the taxi or the bus. It would be much more convenient if you have your own car. If you do not, there are many cars for rent in Kelantan.