Kuala Krai Dabong River Cruise

Location: Kelantan

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Address: Kuala Krai, 15050 Kelantan
Office Number: +609 747 7520

District » Kuala Krai


Kelantan believed to be one of the most religious states in Malaysia, with colorful Islamic culture and traditions. Located on the west peninsular, sharing the Thai border up north. It has many to offers to visitors, be it cultural handicrafts, museums, waterfalls and nature or shopping.


Kuala Krai Dabong River cruise is one of the ways to explore the untouched nature of Kelantan. It's a must for eco-lovers and the cruise will starts from Sungai Kelantan into the lush dense rainforest, which take about 2 hour ride. As you cruise along the river, the wonderful wildlife and flora and fauna will unfold themselves. You might also catch a glimpse of the little villages along the river bank doing their daily chores. Upon reaching Dabong, you have about 3 hour to stroll around before the boat will bring you back to Kuala Krai

After which, you can proceed to Jelawang for a night stay in the quiet serine chalet and start the next day with a 1.5 hour jungle track to Jelawang Waterfall. Alternatively, you can head back to Kuala Krai and catch a taxi back to Kota Bahru. There are plenty of hotels available in town and generally Kelantan hotel will cost about RM 100-200 per night. It will be good to stay in town center as most of the attractions, including museums and markets are located in town.


Upon arriving Kota Bahru, you can either catch a taxi to Kuala Krai, or catch a No.5 bus at the main terminal at 745am every morning. At Kuala Krai, catch a 10am boat to Dabong and the ride will take about 2 hours. After arriving at Dabong, you can stroll around before catching the next 315pm boat back to Kuala Krai. Please bear in mind that there are no boats available on Friday, so plan your trip carefully.