Masjid Kampung Laut (Mosque Kampung Laut)

Location: Kelantan

Location Info

Address: Masjid Kampung Laut, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

District » Kota Bharu


Masjid Kampung Laut (Mosque Kampung Laut), currently located at Nilam Puri wasn't the original location of the mosque. It was originally built in Kampung Laut (hence, its name) by the Kelantan river bank. Unfortunately during a big flood in 1967, the flood damaged most part of the mosque, which is then relocated to Nilam Puri. Most of the building materials are from the original structure.


Masjid Kampung Laut (Mosque Kampung Laut) being one of the oldest mosques standing in Malaysia, although the actual age of the mosque is unknown. However, judging from the architectural and design, many believes it to be around 300 years. The unique architectural is being adopted into many Kelantan official buildings. The mosque was once the meeting venue for Sultan's meeting and was also used as a trader point sometime later. There was a massive touch up was carried out in the late 80' and it was estimated to cost about RM160,000.

The refurbishments include replacing the wall and roof, building additional towels, toilets and electricity. The entire build-up area now is 74 feet by 71 feet and top to end pillars. Unfortunately, non-Muslims are not allowed into the mosque. However they can stroll around the outer compound. The best time for Muslims to visit is at evening. It is definitely worthwhile to stay a night or two in Kota Bahru as there are so much more to see. There are many hotels in Kelantan, for example Royal Guest House, Renaissance Hotel and New Pacific Hotel are among the popular Kelantan hotel.


Masjid Kampung is located at the south of Kota Bahru. If you are driving from Kota Bahru, take route 8 heading to Kuala Krai, it's about 20 minutes drive. Alternatively, you can board bus No. 4 from the central station in Kota Bahru, opposite Bazzar Buluh Kubu and get off at Nilam Puri.