Muzium Islam (Museum Islamic)

Location: Kelantan

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Address: Jalan Masjid, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
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District » Kota Bharu


Kota Bahru, the capital of Kelantan, located at the east peninsular Malaysia. Many considered it to be the most conservative state in Malaysia. It's a state which pays high respect to preserving culture and religion, which is why you can find many museums and handicraft well preserved for visiting. Muzium Islam(Museum Islamic) is located across the Bank Kerapu and open daily from 8.30am to 4.45pm except Fridays


Muzium Islam (Museum Islamic) is a place where you can trace the root of Islam in Kelantan. The building itself resemble the mosque-like building. It contains various artifacts and inscriptions documents of how Islam got introduced in Kelantan and how it became such an important element in the everyday life in the state of Kelantan. It was once known to be the Verandah to Mecca also known as 'Serambi Mekah'.

Other attractions around the area includes the Handicraft Village and Craft Museum, Jahar Palace (Istana Jahar) were you can visit the authentic Kelantanese handicraft and art.

Siti Khadijah market is a must visit attraction where you can get to experience the local wet market where you can find fresh seafood, vegetables and a variety of fruits. It's located centrally in town and you can also get many hotels around the area too. Kelantan hotel ranges from RM100-300 per night.


By Plane

From Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, you will arrive at the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport and the flight will only cost you around RM 100-200. There are variety of airlines operating from KL and Singapore to Kota Bahru, including MAS, AirAsia and Firefly.

By Rail

Jungle Railway is an interesting way from getting to Kelantan from Kuala Lumpur. The nearest station to Kota Bahru is Wakaf Bahru.

By Bus

Both SKMK and Transnational provides express long-distances buses. You can board the bus from Kuala Lumpur Pudu station, and it will take about 9 hours and cost RM 40 to reach Kota Bahru. Coming from Johor Bahru or Singapore, it will take about 12-14 hours and cost approximately RM 65.