Jalan Temenggong (Temenggong Street)

Location: Kelantan

Location Info

Address: Jalan Temenggong, 15000, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Office Number: +609 747 7520

District » Kota Bharu


Kelantan, one of the biggest state in Malaysia and is located on the west peninsular, very near to Thailand. Hence you can see some Thai influence in the state, especially on the local food and cuisines. Shopping in Kelantan can be fun, jewelry, silverware and clothes are in abundance and at very reasonable price too.


Jalan Temenggong (Temenggong Street), located in the centre of Kota Bahru town, is well known for its haven shopping site amongst the locals and visitors. The street is lined with colorful craft stalls and shop, made by local artisans. If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the making of jewelry by the artist too. There are variety of gold and silver lewlry, batik and textiles, wood carving, traditional handicrafts like songkek and wau and whole load more. Most of the goods are price reasonably, however, be prepare to bargain to get the best deals.

Another similar shopping heaven is Siti Khadijah Central Market. Apart from what you can get at Jalan Temenggong (Temenggong Street), there are fresh seafood and vegetables, and good variety of local fruits too. Eateries and snacks are widely available and it's recommended to try some of the local cuisine there as there are good selection of food there sold at reasonable price. Other nearby attraction will be the Jahar Palace (Istana Jahar) which is a wooden palace built more than 100 years ago by Sultan Muhamad II for his grandson.

There are plenty of hotels available in town and Kelantan hotel ranges from RM100-300 per night. There are strategic hotels near to museums and markets, example, Royal Guest House.


Upon arriving at the airport, hail a taxi to the central old town of Kelantan and it should take about 30 mins and cost RM25-30. If you are coming to Kota Bahru by bus, the bus station is located in town, so depending on where you are going, walking or short ride in taxi is most convenient.