Muzium Diraja Istana Batu (The Royal Museum)

Location: Kelantan

Location Info

Address: Jalan Tok Semian, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Opening Hours: 8:30am - 4:45pm daily, except Fridays.

District » Kota Bharu


Kelantan located at the west peninsular Malaysia, very near to Thai border, is known to be one of the most cultural-rich states in Malaysia. Kota Bahru is the capital of Kelantan, located approximately 500km from Kuala Lumpur. It has a colorful culture and traditions, with strong Islamic influence. Muzium Diraja Istana Batu (The Royal Museum) is located in Kota Bahru town, and this is the museum where you can find and experience the royal living.


Muzium Diraja Istana Batu (The Royal Museum) was built in 1939 under the reign of Sultan Ismail I of Kelantan (1920-1944), as a wedding gift for his nephew Yahya Petra (1960-1979) whom was the eventual successor of Kelantan. It has a pale yellow structure and served as the palace for crown's prince. It was then donated to the state and now it's open to public for viewing. The richly furnished rooms will give you a glimpse into the past royal life.

Among other personal belongings including late sultan's collection of hats, fine Chinas, and photos, all are well preserved in the original state. Among other must visit attraction in Kelantan is the Irama Island Bachok (Pantai Irama Bachok), it's known to be the most beautiful beach in Kelantan. It's also known as Melody Beach and is popular among the locals and visitors especially during weekends. There are many motels, hotel available for short term and long term visitors, and like most other Kelantan hotels, it comes with good basic facility and price reasonably.


By Plane

Once you land at the Kota Bahru airport, catch a tax to Kota Bahru, which is about 20 mins from the airport and cost about RM30.

By Road

Coming from Kuala Lumpur will take about 7-8 hour drive. Take the Karak Highway to Kuantan in Pahang and from there follow Kota Bahru

By Rail

There are many express trains depart daily to Kelantan. Most of the train will stop at most of the major town. Get off at Pasir Mas station in Kota Bahru.